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Idiot of the Week: Jorge Ramos

Jorge Ramos, El American

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El American’s Idiot of the Week award goes to journalist Jorge Ramos, who criticized Ukrainian refugees in Poland for not wearing masks.

Ramos—Univision’s most intrepid reporter—has traveled to Europe to report on the ground about the Russian invasion in Ukraine. While covering the arrival of Ukrainian refugees in Poland, he was shocked and dismayed that not one of them was wearing a mask.

The most fascinating thing about this situation is that Jorge Ramos was not wearing a facemask either! We suppose that the reason for not wearing a mask is so that we can clearly see that they are laughing in our faces.

The hypocrisy of these types of journalists—who have dedicated themselves to terrorizing the public by fomenting an inordinate and irrational panic about the virus—is matched only by that of politicians who impose restrictive measures on their subjects while they do not comply with them.

The cognitive dissonance of such journalists is astounding. When they have encountered people in a true life-or-death situation, their minds have been unable to forget how programmed they are to be terrified—and terrorized—by a virus that is on the mend. With what those refugees must be going through, what captures their attention is that they are not wearing masks.

Jorge Ramos only failed to scold the Ukrainians for being more afraid of bombs and bullets than of a weakened virus. After all, that is what he has been doing with his viewers—especially Hispanics—whom he practically scolds for not having the same philias and phobias.

Ramos—like many politicians—seems to have seen in the virus the perfect excuse to impose his political ideas. It should not be forgotten that Jorge Ramos has dedicated himself to calling American conservatives “antivaccine” with the intention of denigrating and ridiculing them.

Jorge Ramos and the press that instead of informing, intimidates

Jorge Ramos is one of those journalists who help to spread irrational fears that justify restrictive and authoritarian measures by those in power. His attitude towards the virus and the masks is reminiscent of the ban on the use of mobile phones in gas stations and airplanes.

We fail to understand why terrorists go to so much trouble to hatch elaborate plans to obtain weapons and explosives, when they could simply blow up gas stations and crash planes using their mobile phones on the sly.

Following Jorge Ramos’ logic, we do not understand how Putin has dedicated himself to dropping bombs on Ukraine, being able to subdue its population by simply sending unmasked Russians coughing and sneezing left and right.

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Jorge Ramos. (Flickr)

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