El idiota de la semana: Kirby Wilson

The Idiot of the Week: Kirby Wilson

It only took us a few seconds to reach unanimity in the decision to consider Kirby Wilson’s pathetic article against Christina Pushaw worthy of such honor

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This week’s El American’s Idiot of the Week award goes to Tampa Bay Time‘s journalist Kirby Wilson, following his article on Christina Pushaw, press secretary of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Our dear colleague Luis Cornelio proposed Kirby Wilson as a candidate for the award, and the truth is that it only took us a few seconds to reach a unanimous decision to consider his pathetic article against Christina Pushaw worthy of such honor.

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Kirby Wilson’s profile picture. (Twitter)

In an investigative journalistic article of the “highest” level, the Miami Herald/Tampa Bay Times uncovered how a political communications professional got her job as a political communications professional. Watch this: she wrote an e-mail with her resume to Ron DeSantis’ communications office, and 6 weeks later she got a job as press secretary. Shocking!

According to the Miami Herald, in the email, Christina Pushaw said she was tired of the press spreading “false narratives” and stated that she wanted to do her part to prevent the “devastation caused by socialism from happening in our country.”

These words must have surprised and shocked the Herald and the Times, who cannot conceive what the hell Pushaw could be talking about when she says that the press is dedicated to inventing false narratives to influence politics. They have then decided to write a shady article casting unfounded doubts about her and her hiring.

“If there are any openings on the governor’s communications team, I’d love to throw my hat in the ring,” Pushaw stated in her e-mail.

It seems as if the Miami Herald thinks it’s bold to apply for a job by e-mail with an excellent resume with the right background and experience for the position. Or maybe they’re implying something else?

Kirby Wilson himself acknowledges in the article that since starting his new job, “Pushaw has reinvented the post,” rescuing it from the background to become one of the “loudest pro-DeSantis drumbeats on the Internet.” But hey, don’t let reality debunk your dark insinuations.

Apparently, Kirby does not like powerful conservative women

Does Kirby Wilson have a problem with a woman showing ambition and determination to get her dream job? Maybe he thinks she shouldn’t do this sort of thing and stay home and do the cleaning and cooking? Or is he only having a problem with conservative, Republican women? Or is he just projecting his own hang-ups about the hiring process, as he works in the same newspaper his father was managing editor?

He is the one who has opened the door to insinuations and assumptions. He probably knows that he is safe from any criticism from feminists and other offended professionals, because if it is a Republican woman, anything goes for them, while when it is the other way around, not even the slightest legitimate criticism is allowed.

Girls and women, Republican or not: We at El American want to tell you not to listen to Kirby Wilson of the Tampa Bay Times. It’s okay to have dreams and fight for them. If you are ready, worked hard, and had the determination and courage to do it, fight for that job you want so badly. Don’t let any progressive, supportive and tolerant journalist like this one make you feel bad.

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