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The Idiot of the Week: Bloomberg’s Dual Defense of Maxwell and Chinese Communism

El idiota de la semana: Bloomberg con su defensa a Maxwell y al régimen chino

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The Idiot of the Week award from El American goes to the Bloomberg media conglomerate, which in separate tweets just two days apart extolled China’s authoritarian anti-pandemic measures and tried to paint Ghislaine Maxwell — accused of running a pedophile network — as yet another victim of Jeffrey Epstein.

Following the line of thinking of its founder, Michael Bloomberg, the Bloomberg News branch of his media empire has published an article that appears to celebrate China’s authoritarian and extreme measures against the coronavirus.

Considering that two years ago Michael Bloomberg showed his fervent support for Xi Jinping by saying that he is “not a dictator” and assuring that China’s Communist Party “listen to the public,” it is no wonder that now his media company is praising China’s Draconian measures—which too many countries have rushed to follow blindly.

The Bloomberg article not only omits China’s possible responsibility for the creation and spread of the virus itself, but directly asserts that China can gloat about having been consistent in its health protocols in the face of the pandemic and that the new lockdowns enacted by other countries in the face of the Omicron variant would be proof that China was always right.

It is clear that the Chinese regime has been consistent in its approach. It is, after all, consistently repressive and authoritarian. But to wield this as a virtue is idiocy worthy of the award we give out weekly in El American.

In the article, they link to a very, very scientific study published in Nature that assures that China’s confinements saved the lives of almost half a million people and that, as a finishing touch, “changes in behaviors such as mask-wearing and social distancing” allowed reducing “air pollution, better hygiene and fewer traffic accidents.”

Millions of people who lost their jobs and their freedom will be able to sleep soundly if they have a copy of the Nature study or, failing that, the Bloomberg article on their bedside table. They will surely be comforted to know that they now live in a more hygienic world, less polluted and without annoying traffic accidents.

Bloomberg, double idiot of the week

In another double-fatal pirouette and backflip in the Olympic discipline of “mental gymnastics to turn things around,” Bloomberg asks the jury in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial whether she is just “another victim” of the deceased child-rapist billionaire. Yes, we are talking about the same Ghislaine Maxwell accused of recruiting young girls to satisfy Jeffrey Epstein’s gross desires.

Bloomberg’s ability to adapt reality to the Chinese narrative is commendable. According to them, it seems that the Chinese dictatorship is guilty of nothing, and it is all the fault of the perfidious white Western male, who in his evilness is even capable of forcing a poor woman like Ghislaine Maxwell to become the alleged ringleader of an international pedophile pimping ring.

You have to give Bloomberg credit for their efforts and great flexibility in trying to mold reality to their interests. We are sure that this week Bloomberg has not only won El American’s Idiot of the Week award, but also many points in the social credit system of the Chinese communist dictatorship. These points will come in handy for Bloomberg’s financial division, which will be able to expand its business dealings with the Chinese financial authorities.

idiot of the week
“Haha, give Bloomberg a cookie and some social credit points”, Xi Jinping must be thinking.

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