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Here’s DeSantis’ Budget for Florida in 2023

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis presented last week his budget for 2023. Among his main proposals, DeSantis calls for $12 million to transport illegal immigrants arriving in Florida to other states.

“$12 million is recommended to continue implementation of the Governor’s initiative to protect Floridians against the harms resulting from illegal immigration by facilitating the transport of unauthorized aliens from any point of origin in the U.S. to any jurisdiction,” explains the statement released by the Governor’s Office.

The Republican also included in his budget resources for the state to continue to promote education. He is also proposing an increase of $200 million in funding to provide salary increases for new and veteran teachers and other eligible instructional personnel.

“Governor DeSantis’ recommendations continue to ensure high quality education choices for all students and support teachers to ensure they have the tools they need to prepare Florida students for future success,” the office highlighted.

DeSantis committed to freedom

Likewise, the governor is committed to continue promoting an economy that will continue to allow growth in the economy of the citizens.

“It is more important than ever to maintain our state’s economic momentum through targeted investments in programs that support the creation of good jobs for Floridians and promote key Florida industries like tourism. The Framework for Freedom Budget provides substantial funding for such initiatives,” the submission states.

Among the most important issues in the governor’s proposed budget are also health care, the environment and Florida’s infrastructure. All of this with one foundation: freedom.

“Through the Framework for Freedom Budget, we are establishing freedom first policies to benefit Florida workers and families and to provide a framework for future prosperity,” DeSantis said.

Finally, he added, “Florida will fight against federal headwinds by putting forth sound fiscal policies that keep more money in the pockets of Floridians. Our budget proposal not only builds on the successes of the past four years, but ensures that Florida will continue to thrive.”

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