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No Free Speech: Ilya Shapiro Resigns from Georgetown After Being Harassed for Criticizing Biden


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Ilya Shapiro, a professor at Georgetown University Law School, reported that he resigned from his position. The decision came just days after a university investigation cleared him of an accusation of wrongdoing for posting tweets criticizing President Joe Biden for promising to nominate a black woman to the Supreme Court.

Through a letter addressed Monday to William Treanor, Dean of Georgetown Law School, Shapiro pointed out that, in his view, an environment he described as “hostile” was created at the university because of the investigation against him.

“After a four-month investigation regarding a tweet, Georgetown University Law Center reinstated me last Thursday. But after a full consideration of the report I received that afternoon from the Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity and Affirmative Action, or IDEAA, and upon consultation with counsel and trusted advisers, it has become apparent that my remaining at Georgetown has become untenable,” he wrote in an open letter published in The Wall Street Journal.

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Ilya Shapiro’s Decision

He stressed that he is unwilling to subject his family to public attacks for his comments. “I cannot again subject my family to the public attacks on my character and livelihood that you and the Office of Institutional Diversity have now made foreseeable, indeed inevitable,” he commented.

Shapiro’s criticism came days before he assumed his new position as senior lecturer and executive director of the school’s Center for the Constitution at Georgetown University Law School. He described the institution a place where free speech is not respected.

“It is a place that doesn’t value free speech. It stifles intellectual diversity, undermines equal opportunity and excludes dissenting voices,” he assured in a message posted on Twitter.