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 ‘Inflation Is Hurting the Poorest Families’: An Interview with Sen. Rick Scott

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Things are not going very well for the Biden administration and, sadly, their bad decisions affect all Americans. Inflation has reached its highest point in decades, insecurity and crime are unrelenting, the southern border continues to spiral out of control and parental dissatisfaction with what is happening in schools is growing.

To analyze the main problems facing the country and the measures that the current administration should take, El American exclusively interviewed GOP Senator Rick Scott, who was governor of Florida between 2011 and 2019 and who is currently the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC).

On the inflation that is strongly affecting American families, the senator was clear in pointing out that “excess government spending causes inflation,” and what we are experiencing these days is the consequence of the “ridiculous spending” that the Government is doing.

Sen. Scott said that he grew up in a poor family, lived in public housing, and knows what it means for a low-income family to face high inflation. “I watched my mom struggle with inflation, and she had to make choices. How much food was she going to put on the table for the five kids in my family? And did she have enough money to put gas in the car so she could go to work? That’s going on all across our state and all across the country right now,” he said.

With gas prices up, food prices up and rents up, “it’s tough. It doesn’t hurt the rich. It hurts the poor” the senator noted, adding that incomes are not rising as fast as inflation, which is “hurting the poorest families in our country.”

Senator Scott sent a clear message to President Biden: “the way to solve this is stop wasting money. Government spending causes inflation.”

But besides inflation, Americans are facing many other problems these days, and the senator affirms that Biden is not solving them: “he is not doing anything.” According to the former Florida governor, some other problems are impacting families such as school choice, as he points out that parents do not want to see teachers indoctrinating their children and telling them that if they are of one color of skin they are oppressors and if they are of the other color they are oppressed. “You don’t educate your children to tell them that they don’t have any shot,” he assured.

He also pointed out, among the problems, the Democrats’ idea of defunding the Police. “It’s not what people want, they want law enforcement,” he said.

Another problem highlighted by the senator is the astonishing number of people who are dying from drugs. And it’s not just drug addicts, but people who bought a pill over the internet that comes with Fentanyl, from China, brought in by the cartels, “they die in two minutes and that’s going on across my state.”

I talked to a mom the other day, her 21-year-old son was in the Air Force and came to surprise her for her birthday. He went out one night with a friend, and this friend gave him a Xanax he bought off the Internet, and two minutes later he’s dead.

Senator Rick Scott

The Senator reminded that there is now a 50-50 in the Senate and that he is working hard for the Republican Party to get a majority and with that he can start voting on and passing real solutions to the problems affecting families in Florida and across the country.

Biden’s doing nothing on the border, doing nothing on inflation, doing nothing to make sure there’s more school choice, doing nothing to make sure we fund the law enforcement and these are the issues that people care about because it impacts their life.

Senator Rick Scott

Senator Scott has a wide following in the Hispanic community and has stood out for paying attention to the fundamental issues that from the American government can help freedom in the region, so we ended the interview by asking him about what is happening in Colombia -with the possibility of Gustavo Petro becoming president- and also about President Biden’s policy regarding Latin America.

Regarding Colombia, he recalled that this country is a great ally and said he did not understand why the Biden administration removed the FARC from the terrorist list. “Now they are not declared as a terrorist organization, but they are, there is no doubt that they are,” he remarked. About Gustavo Petro he assured that he is a “socialist”.

Regarding Biden’s policy for Latin America, he said that the president “is not doing anything”, either to support democracy in Colombia or to get rid of the dictatorship in Cuba. He recalled that right now there are protests on the island and that when he called the White House to ask them to do something, they hung up on him.

[Biden has] done nothing to get rid of Maduro. Nothing to get rid of Ortega in Nicaragua administration. They’re not focused. What goes on? Peace, Liberty these things in Latin America are just not important to Joe Biden and his administration.

Senator Rick Scott

Vanessa Vallejo. Co-editor-in-chief of El American. Economist. Podcaster. Political and economic analysis of America. Colombian exile in the United States // Vanessa Vallejo. Co-editora en jefe de El American. Economista. Podcaster. Análisis político y económico de América. Colombiana exiliada en EE. UU.

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