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Big Tech Banned This Influencer After Offering Prayers on Rittenhouse’s Verdict

Kyle Rittenhouse, Craig Long

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Chief correspondent for El American, Anna Paulina Luna, sat down with conservative influencer Craig Long to talk about the mainstream media’s divisive rhetoric regarding race. As an example of this, they addressed the Kyle Rittenhouse case and the political and ideological biases behind that case.

Just after asking his Instagram followers to pray for Rittenhouse, his 70,000 followers account was deleted.

Long considers that we live in “unfortunate” times in the country, given that there is “a group of people” who insist on keeping racist rhetoric alive. The influencer evokes the lieutenant governor-elect of Virginia, Winsome Sears, in saying that “we need to move forward and let the wounds of the past heal.”

“Unfortunately, we have people in this country that are invested in keeping this thing going when it comes to race relations in our country, which we all know it divides us, it keeps us divided, it creates confusion and chaos,” Long said.

The conservative influencer goes further. He believes that the division is voluntary and those who perpetrate it do so “as a distraction,” so that Americans don’t realize the kind of legislation being passed in Washington.

Craig Long sees “manufactured outrage” in the media

Long considers the Rittenhouse trial an example of this because of the way the media insists on turning the verdict into a racial, social justice issue and an argument against the American judicial system.

Long cited the case of Andrew Coffee, a black man who was acquitted (on the same day as Rittenhouse) of murder charges against him. Coffee was accused of shooting at police officers during a drug raid on his home in 2017.

“Both self-defense cases, both were acquitted,” Long exemplified. “But we have the media that chooses to ignore Andrew Coffe’s case, sensationalizing the narrative that this country is ‘white supremacist’ and ‘racist’ and the justice system doesn’t have equality.”

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