Insecurity in NYC: Number of Children Wounded by Guns Doubles

The families of victims have called the increase in violence “repugnant”

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24 children have been shot in New York City so far in 2022, doubling the number when compared to the 13 cases recorded in the same period in 2021. This recorded figure is from January 1 through March 15.

The statistics were obtained exclusively by Fox News. Despite the increase in injuries, child murders through March 15, 2022, were down significantly compared to 2021, when eight deaths were reported.

Fox reported the story of several victims. For example, the case of Gisselle Muñiz, the aunt of one of the murdered girls, who calls the alarming trend of violence “disgusting.” “They were angels on earth. They were both incredible people and brought a lot of happiness to many people’s lives,” Muñiz said.

The journalistic work, which shows the growth of violence in the city, highlighted that as of Sunday 312 people had been shot so far this year.

Taking action in New York City

Fox News also interviewed Carlos Velásquez, president of the New York City Police Athletic League, who explained that measures must be taken for the training of young people and indicated that it must be done from different areas, such as the Internet.

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“It seems like dangers lurk around every corner right now for some of our young people, so the cost to their mental health is extreme right now,” highlighted the president of the New York City Police Athletic League.

Finally, he assured that “this is probably one of the biggest problems facing our young people”

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