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Over a Dozen Iranian Gunboats Harrassed Six U.S. Warships, Causing Warning Shots

Más de 12 cañoneras iraníes atacan 6 buques de guerra americanos

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At least 12 Iranian gunboats of the Revolutionary Guard Corps harassed several American warships. The event occurred this Monday when the American ships were escorting a submarine.

Journalist Lucas Tomlinson explained that the American ships responded with gunfire at the site. Furthermore, Tomlinson detailed that this is the second time in two weeks that an American warship has fired warning shots at Iranian gunboats.

“The last incident on April 26 marked the first time in nearly four years,” Tomlinson wrote on Twitter.

Warships were heading for the Strait of Hormuz when attacked by Iranian gunboats

In turn, Tomlinson claimed that the American warships and the guided-missile submarine Georgia were heading toward the Strait of Hormuz toward the Persian Gulf when they were harassed by the Iranian boats.

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