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Iranian Regime’s Stability at Risk Amid Reports that Ali Khamenei Is Bedridden with Cancer

Régimen iraní se tambalea tras complicaciones de salud de su líder supremo

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THE BRITISH DAILY EXPRESS has reported that the Supreme Leader of the Iranian regime, Ali Khamenei, is suffering from cancer. According to reports received by the media outlet, the situation has generated power struggles within the ayatollah’s regime.

“For the past few months his son Mojtaba Khamenei, who is not an Ayatollah and therefore cannot technically inherit the position of Supreme Leader from his father, was accelerated to the title on the back of his father’s ill health,” the media outlet explained.

However, analysts consulted by the media outlet warn that President Ebrahim Raisi, who was promised the position of the supreme leader, is likely to oppose the promotion of Mojtaba Khamenei’s leadership.

The Iranian regime

According to several experts, an implosion could be brewing within the regime. “The collapse of the regime will have a massive impact on international affairs with the Iran nuclear programme still unresolved since Donald Trump withdrew the US from the deal a few years ago,” Daily Express noted.

The media outlet also recalled that for Americans, the Iranian regime poses a major threat: “Polling for Express.co.uk by the Democracy Institute has revealed that Iran is perceived by US voters as the second greatest threat to America with 18 percent after China (55 percent) and more than Russia (12 percent) despite the Ukraine war.”

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