Primer ministro de Italia dice que no ayudar a Ucrania es como justificar a Hitler y Mussolini

Italy’s Prime Minister Compares Not Helping Ukraine to Justifying Hitler and Mussolini

The leader also strongly rejected anyone who “excuses” Putin, saying “there are no excuses for those who attack”

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Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi today justified sending arms to Ukraine, explaining that not helping defenseless countries under attack would be like justifying aggressor nations and all autocrats, such as Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

This is how Draghi responded on Tuesday in the Chamber of Deputies after the debate that followed his appearance to explain Italy’s position before the upcoming summits of the European Council, NATO, and the G7 over the war in Ukraine following Russia’s invasion.

“Not helping militarily the attacked countries would mean,” Draghi added, “defending the aggressor country” and supporting the idea that “Ukrainians peacefully accept slavery.”

Draghi also spoke of his government’s commitment to allocate 2 percent of the country’s GDP to defense and assured that “this has been promised to NATO” in view of the desire to “create a common European defense.”

The president also strongly rejected those who “make excuses” for the Putin regime. “There are no excuses for those who attack,” he said and assured that peace is being sought but that “there must be two” who are willing to achieve it.

In his answer to questions from MEPs, Draghi explained that the process of Ukraine’s accession to the European Union will be long, but that, as he said on Tuesday during the speech of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Italy “is with Ukraine” in this journey and wants the country to enter the EU.

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