It’s Official, Disney Has Gone Mad!

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Attempting to be more inclusive to historically underrepresented communities—namely Blacks, Hispanics, and members of the LGBT—may seem like a noble act. But should these inclusions be done arbitrarily? Or should they be pushed at the expense of children’s innocence or parental rights?

Disney’s latest attempts at these inclusions, which were originally prompted by the demands of America’s regrettably ever-growing ‘woke mob’, do exactly that: push a woke agenda while sacrificing the innocence of children. Yesterday, El American reported how a Disney exec claimed she wanted 50% of Disney characters to represent the LGBTQ and racial minorities. Similarly, Disney spoke out against a Florida law that protects parental rights and bans sex topics in children’s education.

Underrepresented communities, including trans individuals, must be respected and listened to. But should we allow the mob, big corporations, and left activists to mobilize under ill-founded premises about laws that prevent the over-sexualization of our children? Absolutely not!

There is some genuinely rotten with a society that wishes to push sexual orientation, gender topics, and sex education to pre-k children.

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