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Jan 6 Committee Investigation Calls for Indictment of Former President Trump

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The legislative committee investigating what happened on January 6 at the Capitol asked Monday that former President Donald Trump be indicted. The committee argued that its recommendation to the Justice Department is based on the fact that the former president obstructed an official proceeding.

“The whole purpose and obvious effect of Trump’s scheme were to obstruct, influence and impede this official proceeding, the central moment for the lawful transfer of power in the United States,” said Democratic Congressman Jamie Raskin, a member of that committee.

Similarly, Trump’s attorney, John Eastman, was also subpoenaed in the recommendations to the Department of Justice. He is charged with obstructing an official proceeding and allegedly conspiring to defraud the federal government.

“We understand the gravity of each and every referral we are making today – just as we understand the magnitude of the crime against democracy we describe in our report,” Raskin added.

Trump vs. the committee

The former president has spoken out several times against the legislative committee. In July he called it a kangaroo court.

The committee is made up of a majority of Democratic congress members, although there are two Republican members – Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger – who are openly anti-Trump.

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