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Jason Miller: ‘There’s a Great Opportunity for Latinos in Conservative Media’

«Entre los latinos hay una gran oportunidad para los medios conservadores»: Jason Miller

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Jason Miller has fought against mainstream media censorship of conservatives. As a communications advisor to former President Donald Trump, he created platforms for the former president to keep in touch with his followers.

Now, fully dedicated to technology, he has created digital platforms that can stand up to Big Tech. Miller talks to Anna Paulina Luna, chief correspondent of El American, about the challenges faced by conservative media.

The communications expert is clear that among Latinos there is a great opportunity to boost conservative media, particularly among Cubans and Venezuelans, whom he believes are committed to preserving freedoms.

“We mention Venezuela, but we can look at what is happening in other countries, including Mexico,” Miller said. “Citizens want to make sure that there is always that bastion of freedom that has the ability to communicate and have freedom of expression. And we can help provide that.”

On July 1, 2021, Miller launched a beta version of the Gettr social network, which is aimed at conservatives and which he has described as a “place where people will not be shut down.” He noted that the application, launched on July 4 —Independence Day— was successful in countries such as Cuba and Venezuela.

Miller was chief spokesman for Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and in 2020 was his top communications advisor. Previously, he was a partner and executive vice president at Jamestown Associates.

He explained that there are technological spaces that have been left to China and highlighted the importance of creating communication applications in which citizens “are not canceled.”

Challenger platforms

Miller also referred to the attacks against him. He assured that he is part of a campaign for his work for the ideas of freedom and for seeking ways for conservatives to express themselves.

“The George Soros bots are attacking me. I actually enjoy when I see what people are talking about, I see people talking about the world and how the platforms we’ve made have improved.”

Finally, he talked about the applications he has developed. He explained that for the moment citizens can download Gettr, but in case Google or Apple has taken the app out of their stores, it can be downloaded from Miller’s official website.

He added that he will be giving out prizes on his digital platforms to make the experience all the more enjoyable for users.

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