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Exclusive: Jason Miller Slams Jan. 6 Lies and Speaks About Trump 2024 Announcement

The political strategist argued that Democrats are “trying to stop” a 2024 Trump candidacy

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El American’s English Editor-in-Chief Luis Cornelio sat down for an exclusive conversation with GETTR CEO and former advisor to former President Donald Trump, Jason Miller, about the January 6 hearings, its falsehoods, and the implications they could have on the Republican Party and the upcoming midterms.

Jason Miller believes the hearings are “politically motivated” and will not end with former President Donald Trump facing any charges. What the Democrats are trying to do, according to the businessman, is to “manipulate public opinion” in search of blaming the former Republican leader for the attacks on Capitol Hill.

Jason Miller Slams Jan. 6 Falsehoods and Speaks About Trump 2024 Announcement

“Democrats are fundraising off of this. So, if this was some kind of congressional oversight in some kind of genuine approach, they wouldn’t be fundraising off of this. This is all politics,” says Miller.

The renowned communication strategists and businessman also finds similarities between the Democratic narrative on Jan. 6 and the Clinton campaign’s false accusations of alleged Russian collusion, which landed Trump in two impeachment trials where the allegations were disproved by authorities.

“This is impeachment number 3,” Miller asserted. “This is impeachment number 3. They tried it the first time, they tried it the second time, and now they’re trying to impeach him a third time, even though he’s out of office. It’s also very clear that this is all about 2024.”

The political strategist argued that Democrats are “trying to stop” a 2024 Trump candidacy, given that he is “likely” to seek a second term. Miller added that this is due to fear of recent polls, the results of which point to the Republican beating Biden-Harris if the election were held today.

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