Jeanette Nuñez on Upcoming Elections: ‘I Hope Colombia Remains a Thriving Democracy’

In a statement obtained by El American, the lieutenant governor of Florida assured that her state is a great commercial ally of that country

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Jeanette Nuñez, Florida’s lieutenant governor, referred this Tuesday to the elections in Colombia. She recalled that Florida is a great commercial ally of that Latin American country. For this reason, she insisted that it is necessary to continue strengthening this relationship for bilateral economic growth.

In statements obtained by El American, Nuñez also assured that the decision of Joe Biden’s administration to remove the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) from the list of terrorist groups, generated great instability in the region.

Nuñez stated that the measure emboldens terrorist groups and opens the way to communism in Colombia. For this reason, in view of the presidential elections in that country, he bet that democracy should be maintained regardless of the candidate who wins.

“This election can also have serious ramifications for the future of Colombia and the United States and, in particular, the state of Florida. I hope that these elections are truly free, fair, and transparent and that Colombia remains a thriving democracy in our hemisphere,” Nuñez said.

Warnings on Colombia’s elections

Nuñez’s statements come amid warnings from various politicians and analysts about what the arrival of Gustavo Petro to the Colombian presidency could mean. Elections in Colombia will be held on Sunday, May 29.

“It will be the first round of the riskiest presidential election for freedom and democracy in the 200-year republican history of the South American nation,” said economist and consultant Luis Guillermo Vélez Álvarez in an opinion article published in El American.

The article details that if none of the candidates reaches 50% plus one vote, the current electoral system contemplates a run-off election, between the two most voted, three weeks later, that is to say, on June 19.

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