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Caitlyn Jenner: The Trans Question in the GOP

Jennerism o todo lo que está mal con el GOP

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A specter haunts the GOP: the specter of the revolutionary mindset. It was enough for Trump to leave his position of power for the ideological demons within the Republican Party to make their presence felt and try to take over using any number of subterfuges and virtue signalling, in the best style of politics that progressives devise in the sewers.

Recently, the debate surrounding Caitlyn Jenner gained more traction after her appearance at CPAC 2021. This specific fact shows that the GOP establishment is behind her campaign and sees everything through normal eyes. The America First Policy Institute (founded by Donald Trump’s former advisors) also showed their support and personalities close to Trump like Brad Parscale and Brooke Rollins are advising Jenner.

This indicates several things: first, that the big America First candidate for the Trumpist GOP elite is not DeSantis – as many believed – but Jenner. Second, that for them it is more important what can benefit electorally than what can benefit politically and, above all, culturally. Third – and more serious – that what Jenner stands for is fine.

It’s not a stretch; if it weren’t, much of the GOP and Trump’s “red hats” wouldn’t be with Jenner. It’s that simple.

Jennerism and the revolutionary mindset

The problem with all of this is in the third point. Because assuming that what Jenner stands for and what Jenner is, is normal, means that that which is foundational to society as human nature, doesn’t really matter and, worse, can be shaped at will through politics.

A specter haunts the GOP: the specter of the revolutionary mindset. (Image: Flickr)

This dangerous phenomenon that the Brazilian philosopher Olavo de Carvalho called “revolutionary mentality”, when it becomes pandemic, leads to what he also calls the “collective imbecile”. This collective imbecility is, essentially, the constant impulse in normal people to imbecile each other.

The mechanics of the collective imbecile begins with the consensus of this group not to perceive something that is not being perceived by the rest at the same time. Subsequently, the residue product of this consensus is considered as the real world by the collective imbecile. Finally, already enslaved to the collective consciousness, they claim that any slave of this consciousness is superior, more brilliant, than any individual on the face of the earth.

Thus, we see that it is possible for some GOP Jennerists to collectively assume that a man can be a woman, so they claim that Jenner really is what he claims to be, and that, furthermore, Jenner – and they – are superior to anyone else simply by virtue of having decided so.

It should be noted that everything that is not consensual by the collective imbecile as real, therefore, does not exist. It is in the realm of nothingness and here… anything is possible. That’s why we see personalities like Tomi Lahren labeling as “Never-Trumpers” all those who oppose Trans-Jennerism.

But since the hobby of reality is to slap down the overbearing, to Lahren’s misfortune, Jenner is by definition a Never-Trumper.

The GOP has abandoned itself

As the Republican spirit is corroding, consequently its action in the world ends up distorting itself. The problem, then, begets practical consequences, and they act in a way that does not comport with reality and what is true. So we see a rare combination of Trumpism advisors, the Republican establishment and a woke candidate.

However, such a combination, in an age where ideologies are losing their original structures and dogmas, does not carry as much weight as a fact of a higher caliber: Jenner is not loyal to the GOP and does not want to be. It has come out of her own mouth that she is loyal to the LGBT community. In other words, Jenner is using the Republican Party to advance an agenda that is inimical to the GOP.

There may be Republican supporters who for strategic reasons omit the most obvious fact of the problem, but that they don’t care that Jenner is using the party to which they do have loyalty to push an agenda they fight is among the greatest cognitive dissonance seen in politics – and one that needs to be amended.

That the revolutionary spirit, that belief that you can transform reality like God and escape accountability is growing in the GOP means that some would rather go against the very foundations of the nation (“One nation under God”) they claim to place first.

Jenner, I might add, is multicolored confirmation that there is a group in the GOP that wants to lose the cultural battle and prefers the ephemeral goodies of its donors. If this path continues, the Republican Party of the working class, of the (real) America First agenda can never be achieved.

There may be Republican supporters who for strategic reasons omit the most obvious fact of the problem, but that they don’t care that Jenner is using the party to which they do have allegiance to push an agenda they fight is among the greatest cognitive dissonance seen in politics. (Image: Flickr)

On the other hand, the lack of sanity in the Jenner-supporting faction of the GOP reveals that there is no organization – neither of ideas, nor of people – and no plan laid out that transcends the take-back-the-House conversation – while there is an ongoing battle for the party itself – between the RINOs and the real America First movement.

Ideology of the system

Several aspects make for a bitter conclusion. First, that this techno-trans-racialist oligarchy woke up and established what Dr. Darren Beattie calls the “American globalist empire” and has immense, unprecedented power. Second, the form of domination of this Empire is its official ideology – an ideology that is highly profitable. Third, that RINOs do, in fact, exist. And fourth, that in view of all the above, many in the party would be willing to take a shortcut in their history, a Deus ex Machina, in order to receive some spaces of power.

If they say “let’s use the ideology of the system to defeat it” or “it’s no big deal, the important thing is power”, they will not be able to complain when they do not win more elections because their voters -rightly so- feel they are voting for low-tax democrats.

In that irrepressible neurosis of self-promotion, partisan precocity, and unfortunate electoral transsexualism, many of the Republicans who support Jenner could be risking the salvation of a country that in just a few months managed to go down the drain in the best Latin American style, doing everything for the revolution.

Rafael Valera, Venezuelan, student of Political Science, political exile in São Paulo, Brazil since 2017 // Rafael Valera, venezolano, es estudiante de Ciencias Políticas y exiliado político en São Paulo, Brasil desde 2017

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