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LEXIT Founder Jesse Holguin: From Prison to Conservative Activism

Jesse Holguin, de exconvicto a cristiano converso y activista conservador

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Some people seem destined to suffer. Violence and poverty combined, coupled with a lack of academic preparation, family disunity, and a lack of positive role models can awaken the worst qualities in human beings. That is why faith and religion can be the savior of tormented, violent, and lost beings.

Such is the case of Jesse Holguin, a proud Mexican-American who, after leading a life filled with violence as a gang member, converted to Christianity and is now a conservative political activist who carries with him a story of overcoming that serves as a remarkable example of overcoming.

In the latest interview by Anna Paulina Luna, chief correspondent for El American, Jesse Holguin tells his incredible life story.

His life is full of bloody shootings and gang violence in Los Angeles. Yet his story has another side: overcoming and redemption achieved thanks to his conversion to Christianity.

Holguin explained part of his time in prison, with several violent charges against him. He began to find his Christian faith, but, once out of prison, he fell back into the spiral of violence that had put him there. He was shot through the spine and punctured his lungs, survived, however, he was left in wheelchairs.

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“The bullet went through my spine and it went through my lungs and I was choking in my blood. So I was dying, choking in my blood uh… I was flying in a helicopter and I started to get scared, I was thinking ‘man.’ I started remembering when I was in jail going to Bible studies. I started thinking about all that, so I just started calling out to Jesus. It was a trip because like I said, I was dying, choking in my blood, scared. But once I started calling out to Jesus, I thought wonderful peace came over me, I was just in such peace comforted, I can’t even describe to you.”

Almost on his deathbed, Holguin relates that he was in a helicopter, bloodied, and just at that moment he remembered his time in prison when he found peace through prayer. As he began to pray, he felt that his wounded body and soul were at peace again.

Jesse survived. He began working in churches, hospitals and prisons as a volunteer. A good part of his family converted to Christianity, even though it used to be almost an offense for them to be Christian.

Behind bars to political activist

After embracing Christianity, he recounts how he became deeply involved in political activism.He was never interested in politics but felt God calling him to get into activism and as a Christian, he began supporting the Democratic Party. However, everything changed relatively quickly.

He explained that he “didn’t leave the Democratic Party”, but rather the Democratic Party left him as it increasingly moved towards the left; embracing classic progressive banners, incompatible with many Christian values that defend life from conception and the institution of marriage based on the most traditional values, to cite two examples.

“I was a Democrat, I was a life-long Democrat. I always say ‘I didn’t leave the Democrat Party, the Democrat Party left me’. They just got so far to the left, as a Christian, I could no longer support that party, they were against all my godly moral values.”

Holguin admitted that former President Barack Obama disappointed him with his progressive policies and that he began to research the history of the Democratic Party. He discovered historical facts that drove him away for good, such as the founding of the Ku Klux Klan or the party’s ties to Jim Crow laws.

Jesse says he began to support the Republicans, “I liked Ted Cruz,” he says, but the GOP did not convince him and it was Donald Trump who captivated him. Not because of his character, but because of the media’s persecution against him.

Now he can say that he is a conservative activist on the internet who has managed to enter the White House on several occasions, even meeting former President Trump. He formed a platform on social networks called LEXIT, a site where memes, videos and conservative opinions in general are published. It seems little or small, but Holguin’s work is gigantic: to motivate young Latinos not to be captivated by the leftist narrative and the Democratic Party.

Jesse Holguin with former U.S. President Donald Trump. (LEXIT Facebook)

The founder of LEXIT added that the left and the Democrats use their rhetoric of racism against Latinos for mere electoral interest, and that Hispanics should ignore it and focus on what matters most: freedom of speech, freedom of worship and the defense of the cultural and religious values they profess.