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Joan Rivers in 2014: ‘Palestinians, You Cannot Throw Rockets and Expect People Not to Defend Themselves’

A video of the late comedian Joan Rivers has gone viral again on account of Hamas’ new onslaught against Israel

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Joan Rivers, the multi-award-winning comedian who passed away in September 2014, has become a trending topic in recent days after a video of an interview she was given just months before she died has been re-shared thousands of times since last Thursday.

In the TMZ video, dated July 2014, the comedian of Russian-Jewish descent was approached at the airport to give her opinion on the rocket attacks on Israel by the Hamas terror group. Her blunt response went viral then, and has resurfaced now in the wake of the umpteenth offensive suffered by Israel at the hands of the Palestinian terrorist group.

Joan Rivers
Joan Rivers (Image: Flickr)

“Let me just tell you, if New Jersey were firing rockets into New York, we would wipe them out,” Joan Rivers asserted.

“If we heard they were digging tunnels from New Jersey to New York, we would get rid of Jersey,” Rivers sentenced. “Palestinians, you cannot throw rockets and expect people not to defend themselves,” she continued.

Since Joan Rivers’ statements ran counter to the progressive narrative on the conflict, the reporter tries to rebut the comedian by asking “what about thw civilian casualties?”, to which Rivers replied “Then don’t put your goddamn things in private homes.”

“Don’t you dare put weapon stashes in private homes and then we say get out — of course we’re going to do it”, sentenced in a forceful manner Joan Rivers.

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The journalist persisted by asking “where are the civilians supposed to go?”, showing much concern for the Palestinian civilians, but very little for the Israeli victims, who have been targeted by the indiscriminate rocket attack in the first place.

“I don’t care – they started it!” explained Rivers. “You’re all insane. They started it! What are you all saying? They started it!” insisted Rivers, clearly stunned by the journalist’s insistence.

“For months this has been going on, what are you supposed to do?!” added an increasingly annoyed Joan Rivers.

“How do you know…?” the reporter interrupted. “I have been over there, that’s how I know,” Rivers replied. “I wish the world would know.”

Joan Rivers took the opportunity to chastise the behavior of certain media outlets bent on feeding the pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel narrative.

“The BBC should be ashamed of themselves, CNN should be ashamed of themselves, and everybody, stop it already.”

In a final attempt by the reporter to exploit Joan Rivers’ reaction, he asked her opinion on the pro-Palestinian statements of Disney’s teen entertainer, Selena Gomez.

“Oh, Selena Gomez! Oh, yeah, that grad girl” Joan Rivers responded wryly, settling the spontaneous interview.

Joan Rivers and leftist feminism

Despite her success in the world of comedy and television, and being adored by audiences, Joan Rivers was never much loved by the media left, given her staunch Republican convictions. Not only did her statements —such as these about Israel— run counter to the leftist narrative, but the mere fact that she had been a successful female comedian since 1960 ran counter to the feminist narrative of patriarchal oppression.

For feminism —monopolized by the left— it seems to be an unforgivable affront that a conservative woman has succeeded in the entertainment world with seven Daytime Emmy Awards and a Tony Award without the help of the feminist movement.

Career trajectories like those of Joan Rivers, or other successful conservative comedians like Roseanne Barr, destroy the narrative of being eternal victims of the patriarchy, on which leftist feminism bases its doctrine.

Despite the obvious contradiction and hypocrisy, it is no wonder that performers like Joan Rivers are never praised or honored by feminists, on the contrary, they are often fiercely attacked for not adhering to the political agenda behind the movement.

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