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Joe Biden’s Immense Challenge

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The polarization in the United States is a cause of great concern. That Randall Lane, the editor of a magazine like Forbes, would sound a warning to companies that decide to hire those who have worked for the Trump administration is alarming. So is having an influential congresswoman like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez propose lists to hunt down supporters of the former U.S. president. These are frightening times.

Joe Biden’s presidency, which begins today amid the backdrop of a completely militarized city, will carry enormous responsibility. For years his party and the mainstream media encouraged conflict with a political movement that proved to be equally combative. This tension ended up exploding earlier this month when a mob stormed the Capitol. So America needs Biden to be up to the task.

In his farewell message from the White House, Donald Trump said he is praying for the success of the Joe Biden administration. We should all, in fact, be praying for the same thing. And today, Joe Biden’s success will depend on whether he can heal the country.

It is imperative that the new president turns his back on those in his party who are trying to promote a witch-hunt, in the style of fascist regimes. It is imperative that the new president put a stop to the hegemony of Big Tech, which today behaves like a ruthless cartel that is completely ideologized. It is imperative that he shows strength in leadership and does not give space to those who want to intensify the conflict.

The challenge is immense. The will of both parties must be the same: to move forward in the interests of the majority of Americans. Thomas Jefferson once said that “if we can once more get social intercourse restored to its pristine harmony, I shall believe we have not lived in vain.”

Joe Biden will fail if instead of healing a wounded country, he allows his party’s increasingly radical, indomitable impulses to deepen divisions and hatred. Jefferson also said that this hatred, between parties and in politics, “destroys the happiness of every being.” It remains to be seen, despite all expectations, if the new president will be up to the task.

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