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Joe Rogan, Aliens and Area 51

It is incumbent upon all of us who defend and value freedom of speech to support Joe Rogan, perhaps he is the hero the world needs

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Joe Rogan, has become the perfect scapegoat for the Democrats and their like-minded media. The fact that the White House has joined the chorus of voices demanding his cancellation from Spotify makes it clear that Joe Rogan is the biggest threat to the government’s talking points, which is floundering and they see no way to sustain.

The left always needs a villain, an enemy, someone to vent their fury on and divert attention from the consequences of their nefarious policies. Joe Rogan has become this enemy because he is one of the few who has dared to give a voice to people uncomfortable for the government.

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It seems clear that the campaign to discredit Joe Rogan has only just begun and that in the coming days we will see how it will intensify with increasingly coordinated attacks. For now, these attacks are focused on Joe Rogan’s alleged misinformation about the pandemic, but we will soon see how they will try to dig up dirt on his past.

From the looks of things so far, those who are criticizing Joe Rogan have probably never listened to a full program of his podcast. When they discover that he has talked to guests about what are considered to be conspiracy theories, such as Hollow Earth, Atlantis, Area 51, aliens, or Sasquatch, his detractors are going to start jumping with joy.

This is not the first time Joe Rogan has been censored, in fact, many of his shows have been deleted from Spotify after pressure from leftist lobbies, but for the first time momentum is being reached that may jeopardize the continuity of his show as we know it.

The left is impervious to data and truth, and if they have decided that Joe Rogan is lying, nothing will change their minds no matter how much time is proving him and his guests right.

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Joe Rogan and Independence Day

In 1996, the movie Independence Day, starring Will Smith and Bill Pullman, was released to great commercial success. The image of a giant spaceship completely destroying the White House with a laser beam was engraved in the collective imagination of an entire generation. But there is a detail of this movie that perhaps not everyone remembers, but that bears a strong resemblance to what is happening to Joe Rogan.

In the movie, there was a character, played by Randy Quaid, who was a war veteran pilot that everyone made fun of because of his alcoholism and because he claimed he had been abducted by aliens. He was the town nut and not even his own children respected him.

After suffering a large-scale alien invasion with an unprecedented capacity for destruction, what little is left of the government ends up at Area 51, where they discover that the CIA had indeed been hiding alien ships and even alien corpses for decades.

In a desperate attempt to prepare a counterattack, they recruit anyone who can fly a plane. When Randy Quaid’s character volunteers, and also shows his special motivation for having been abducted by aliens, everyone present laughs and rolls their eyes – what else would it take to make them stop thinking he’s crazy, or at least not make fun of him?!

They have witnessed the near total annihilation of civilization, discovered a secret facility with aliens, and yet they continue to mock the poor village fool, apparently a very difficult stigma to erase.

Something similar may be in the works for Joe Rogan. They want to label him a conspiracy theorist so they don’t have to refute his arguments or those of his guests. No matter what happens, and no matter what is proven, they want this label to prevail in public opinion.

It is the duty of all of us who defend and value freedom of speech to support Joe Rogan at this time, because his work is essential and the attacks against him are only going to multiply. Just as in the movie the village idiot ends up saving the world, perhaps Joe Rogan is the hero the world needs.

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