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Jonathan Isaac Blames Media for Vaccine Distrust

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“Why does CNN have to lie about Joe Rogan taking horse dewormer or why does the Rolling Stone have to willfully misrepresent my position on vaccine or COVID?” So said NBA player Jonathan Isaac to refer to what he described as the media’s bias in handling information about COVID and vaccines.

During an interview with Fox News, the basketball player claimed that the mainstream media has lied about him and national radio host Joe Rogan, who they said was taking horse dewormer to deal with the disease, something Rogan pointed out is false.

“For me there aren’t scientific legal or to me moral grounds for the vaccine mandate. I think when you have take into account the nature of COVID and the nature of the vaccine that doesn’t stop infection or transmission, the nature of natural immunity that hasn’t been talked about and then obviously the polarization by the media that has created such distrust,” commented Isaac.

“I feel there is a blatant miscarriage of information by the media has turned this thing so sour and it’s been politicized and I see people and I’m standing with people who are deciding not to get it on the backs of freedom,” he continued.

The decision not to vaccinate

Days earlier, Isaac had already made headlines for expressing his decision not to vaccinate. Following the refusal to take the dose, it was reported that the player was banned from having lunch with his teammates.

“I understand that the vaccine would help if I contracted COVID and I would have fewer symptoms in that case, but having had COVID in the past and generated antibodies, considering my current age group and physical condition, it’s not necessarily a fear for me,” Isaac stated at the time.

Isaac’s statements came after Rolling Stone magazine published an article in which it strongly criticized NBA athletes who resist the implementation of a vaccination mandate.

During the same press conference, a reporter asked Isaac for his opinion on the article. To that, the player responded that thanks to that article he can understand why people have a hard time believing the media.

“I’m not anti-vax. I’m not anti-medicine. I’m not anti-science. I didn’t come to my current vaccination status by studying black history or watching Donald Trump press conferences.” Isaac stressed.

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