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Jorge Ventura Unveils Human Smuggling Network on Southern Border by Mexican Cartels

Jorge Ventura revela red de tráfico de personas en la frontera sur a mano de carteles mexicanos

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Anthony Cabassa, correspondent for El American, sat down exclusively with journalist and Daily Caller reporter Jorge Ventura to discuss his new documentary, Cartelville, which reveals the drug and human trafficking operations behind the crisis at the southern border.

In the documentary, the journalist delves into the desert terrain where Mexican cartels have established large illegal marijuana growing operations, supported by their own human trafficking network.

Ventura says he got his first clue regarding the situation from Republican Congressman Mike Garcia, representative of California’s 25th district, who let him know that large illegal marijuana productions are operating in the Sonoran desert at the hands of Mexican cartels.

“What [Mike Garcia] told me was that what was happening on the border was affecting his district with a huge Mexican drug cartel maintaining illegal marijuana operations,” Ventura said. “We are seeing record numbers of human trafficking, human smuggling across the border, and a lot of violence.”

The reporter explained that, in walking around the desert, he found that the cartels are taking land and buying property to establish their illegal grow fields. To do so, they steal water from nearby communities.

Jorge explained that the Mexican cartels dig their own tunnels and install their own pipes in the aqueducts to steal thousands of gallons of water a day in order to grow their illegal marijuana.

The journalist also detailed that the use of pesticides on illegal crops ends up contaminating the rivers and back into the pipes, straight into the water consumed by the citizens of California.

“They are smuggling migrants from the border and forcing them to work,” Ventura continued. “What we are seeing in real-time is what we call labor trafficking. This is something the Justice Department is investigating the government for, to see why we are releasing unaccompanied minors to labor traffickers.”

Ventura also denounced that these cartels bring high levels of insecurity and violence to small border communities, as they fight each other with firearms over land.

According to his details, three warring factions are involved in such operations: Mexican cartels connected to Sinaloa, the Chinese mafia and Armenian criminal organizations.

“These three factions are fighting for control of territory, and the people caught in the middle are these working-class American citizens,” the journalist denounced.

Chinese migrant victims of human trafficking

In his new documentary, Ventura discovered the presence of migrants of Chinese nationality who have been smuggled to the deserts of California to work the illicit marijuana crops.

“These marijuana fields are connected to Mexican cartels or high-level criminal organizations that also use human trafficking as they use workers for these crops,” Jorge describes.

In one of the fields alone he found five Chinese nationals, undocumented, who do not speak any English and “most likely” have been trafficked to the United States to work in these illegal operations.

The investigation reveals, 300 miles from the Mexican border, one of the largest illicit drug cultivation operations in the United States occurring in the high deserts of Los Angeles.

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