‘Don’t Trust Propaganda:’ Journalist Breaks Into Russian State Channel to Protest Ukraine’s Invasion

Maria Ovsyannikova showed up with a banner calling for an end to the Russo-Ukrainian war

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A Russian journalist became a trending topic on Monday after she interrupted a program on the Russian state channel to protest against the war. The Euromaidan Press newspaper explained that the woman said she had been working for Kremlin propaganda, something she regrets.

“Unfortunately, I have been working on Channel One, doing Kremlin propaganda. And now I’m very ashamed,” the journalist admitted.

The woman, identified as Maria Ovsyannikova, appeared with a banner calling for an end to the war. “Stop the war, don’t believe the propaganda.”

Russian journalist’s protest comes amidst violence

The situation occurred during the news program Vremya, which is broadcast on Russia’s main TV channel, Channel One. And it comes at a time when violence by Russian troops has intensified.

Just this Sunday, Ukrainian authorities reported the first murder during the war of an international journalist. He was Brent Renaud, who had worked in previous years for The New York Times, and died after a Russian attack.

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The information was confirmed by the Ukrainian Parliament. On Twitter, the legislature published a photo of Renaud’s ID and another one of his passport confirming that Renaud is an American citizen.

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