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Judge Halts New York City’s Vaccine Mandate

Juez frena el mandato de vacunación obligatoria en Nueva York

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New York Supreme Court Justice Frank Nervo on Tuesday halted NYC’s vaccine mandate for city workers. The move, according to the ruling, was due to Detective Anthony Marciano’s refusal to be vaccinated against COVID. The officer claims that, according to analysis, he has immunity for having passed the disease.

In view of the situation, the judge asked the city and its mayor, Bill de Blasio, to justify the measure taken by his government regarding mandatory vaccination.

The judge’s decision comes after Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York, announced on Monday that he will impose mandatory vaccines on the city’s private sector. This is the first measure of its kind to be pushed throughout the United States.

Other judges against the vaccination mandate

This is not the first court decision against the vaccine mandate. This Tuesday it was also known that the federal district judge in Georgia, R. Stan Baker, stopped the vaccination mandate for federal contractors promoted by Joe Biden’s administration.

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