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Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh Tests Positive for Covid Despite Being Vaccinated

Juez de la Corte Suprema, Brett Kavanaugh, da positivo por covid pese a estar vacunado

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Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh tested positive for COVID-19, the Court reported Friday.

Kavanaugh, 56, learned of the result Thursday evening after undergoing a test to comply with Supreme Court protocols before the formal investiture session of the new judge Amy Coney Barrett, scheduled for this Friday.

Kavanaugh, who has been vaccinated since January, shows no symptoms of the disease.

On Wednesday, the judge participated in a 4.8-kilometer run in Washington DC’s Anacostia Park.

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Kavanaugh’s wife, Ashely Estes, and the couple’s two daughters are also vaccinated and their test results have been negative.

After more than a year of Supreme Court deliberations in virtual sessions due to the pandemic, the judges were scheduled to return to normal argument hearings at the beginning of October.