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Judge Rules Against New York Electoral Map Approved by Democrats for ‘Unconstitutional’ and Created with ‘Political Bias’

Los demócratas de Nueva York aplican un "Gerrymandering" avanzado para ganar escaños en el Congreso

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The new electoral map of the state of New York approved by the Democrats in the midst of controversies was rejected by a judge, who considers it unconstitutional for seeking to favor the interests of that party.

The decision of Justice Patrick F. McCallister, of the state Supreme Court, blocks the use of the new electoral districts drawn for the legislative elections of next November, although the New York authorities have already announced that they will appeal.

McCallister, in a brief released Thursday, said he found “clear evidence and beyond a reasonable doubt” that the new map is “unconstitutionally drawn” and was drawn with “a political bias.”

Last February, the Democratic Party used its majority in the New York state Assembly and Senate to redraw federal congressional districts in a way that, a priori, would benefit its candidates.

Basically, the Democrats are favored in 22 of the 26 congressional districts on this map, which would allow President Joe Biden’s party to win a handful of seats in New York in the November elections, which are an uphill battle for the Democrats.

The Republican Party accuses its rivals of using the tactic known as “gerrymandering,” ignoring the rights of voters and seeking only to consolidate their power.

In addition to new congressional districts, the judge has blocked new maps for state legislatures, giving a deadline of April 11 for proposals with bipartisan support to be submitted.

If that doesn’t happen, the magistrate has said he will appoint an independent figure to take over that task, which could force a delay in the primary elections, scheduled for next June.

In a brief joint statement, the governor of the state, Kathy Hochul, and the attorney general, Letitia James, both Democrats, assured that they will appeal the decision.

The electoral maps for the upcoming elections, both those promoted by Democrats and Republicans, have created disputes in several states, which have had to be redrawn recently after the new national census, which is done every ten years.

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