México pagó a la dictadura cubana por "médicos" sin título: senador Julen Rementería

Senator Julen Rementería: Mexico Paid Cuban Regime for Unqualified ‘Doctors’

Mexican senator denounces that the government paid 13 million to Cuba in exchange for “doctors”

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El American interviewed Julen Rementería, Mexican senator for the state of Veracruz and coordinator of the National Action Party parliamentary group in the Upper House. On Monday, September 20, Julen demonstrated, based on official information, that the Government of Mexico paid almost $13 million dollars ($255 million pesos) to the Cuban dictatorship in exchange for “doctors” with no qualifications to support them.

We talked about the implications for Mexico of the Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) regime and its political allies diverting hundreds of millions of pesos to the notoriously tyrannical Díaz-Canel regime, as well as the potentially lethal impact of the treatments ordered by these personnel, whose medical training is, to say the least, in doubt.

Julen Rementería: Cubans who arrived in Mexico are not doctors

Rementería explains that he consulted government agencies regarding the presence and work of the alleged Cuban doctors, but “no one could say that these people are doctors. No one knows, no one knew, even though they are obliged to”. In other words: 585 “doctors” sent by the Cuban dictatorship “worked” in Mexico for months without anyone having any record of their training as such or of their work with Mexican patients.

He adds that, in addition to the lack of degrees or academic accreditations, it is notorious that Mexico paid “a disproportionate amount” for the services offered by the Cuban dictatorship and that they received a payment much higher than what a licensed and registered doctor obtains in the health sector.

The PAN senator also points out that the alleged medical brigades of the Cuban dictatorship have already been the object of serious questioning at an international level, both in Latin American countries, such as Bolivia, as well as in the European Union, which has described them as a way of slavery.

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Julen Rementería: México pagó a la dictadura cubana por "médicos" sin título
Miguel Díaz-Canel together with Andrés Manuel López Obrador. (EFE)

The opacity of the Mexican Government in its dealings with the Cuban dictatorship goes to the point that, even after months of investigations, “we do not know, if they came to work, how often they did so” based on the official information itself, to the point that even the ISSSTE (the social security system for Mexican government workers) “has no way of knowing if these people (those sent from Cuba) who are working there are doctors or not.”

Rementería insists that it is very striking that the Mexican government refuses to present the information that proves the qualifications and work performed by the alleged “Cuban doctors” for $13 million dollars were at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has cost more than 270,000 lives and exposed the failures of the health care system.

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