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This week’s best memes are about inflation, Facebook warnings and woke athletes

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The best memes of the week revolve around three situations that would be funny if they were not so tragic. Rising inflation and the government’s attempts to make it up, the sports world throwing itself into the arms of woke culture, and Facebook’s new feature that warns you if you’ve been exposed to “extremist content.”

Memes of the week

The government’s nefarious economic management is being reflected in an increasingly latent way in an unstoppable rise in prices. It is especially noticeable in fuel, and although it is undeniable to anyone who steps out of their basement, the White House has tried to make up for the obvious debacle ahead by announcing that for this 4th of July, an American family will save for their barbecue -compared to last year- a whopping 16 cents, 16 cents! Have you already thought about what you are going to do this summer with all that money saved?

memes of the week - 4th of july
memes inflacion
Source: The Daily Wire

The world of sports has thrown itself into the arms of Marxist ideology in an alarming way. Many athletes are now expert political scientists, giving you great lessons from the podium, still sweaty, telling you when to kneel and to whom.

Last week saw the third most talked-about event in history, when hammer thrower – more like hammer and sickle thrower – Gwen Berry took advantage of the podium to disregard the U.S. anthem, standing on her back and covering her head with a T-shirt that said “activist athlete”, it seems she has more success and repercussion as an activist than as an athlete.

Also the CEO of Nike came out with an outrageous statement, saying that Nike was a brand of China and for China.

memes berry 3rd
Source: Benny Johnson
memes berry tshirt
Source: Benny Johnson
memes berry 3rd
memes nike

Finally, this week, Facebook has gone one step further in becoming the Big Brother of 1984. As if its warnings, blocking and punishing accounts that Facebook doesn’t like – apparently usually conservative ones – weren’t enough, now Facebook is also warning you that you may have been exposed to extremist content by your friends and even advising you to visit professionals.

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What’s next, re-education camps sponsored by Mark Zuckerberg?

memes based af
Source: slightlyoffensivetv
memes fb sad
Source: Not Being Governed
memes fb obi
Source: Miss Lauren Liberty
memes fb haha
Source: Galvano Escopetarra
memes fb safe
Source: Teddy Daniels

We proudly say goodbye to the month of June with this collection of best memes of the week, next week we will bring back a careful curation of memes.

meme july 1st
Source: Being Libertarian
memes milo
Source: Liberty Redemption
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