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Kamala Harris Evades Responsibility, Blames Republicans for Border Crisis

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Vice President Kamala Harris was appointed by Joe Biden as “border czar.” However, she blames Republicans for the immigration crisis that the government has faced since Biden took office.

“And sadly, what we have seen in particular, I am sad to say, from Republicans in Congress is an unwillingness to engage in any meaningful reform that could actually fix a lot of what we are witnessing,” Harris told NPR.

Similarly, the chief immigration official at the southern border said the White House intends to push technology to help process asylum cases more efficiently and add more agents at the southern border. 

“Reform of our immigration system can only happen through Congress in terms of the passage of an immigration bill that allows for a legal pathway to citizenship and a legal presence in the country,” she argued.

Border crisis

This Wednesday it was learned that young migrants are disappearing in an area of the Arizona desert. The information was learned due to the denunciation of their families to the rescue group Desert Chaplains, which has counted at least a dozen in recent months and fears that they have fallen into a human trafficking network.

“This week alone we have just received the report of another two cases, with these we now have 12 active cases,” Óscar Andrade, director of the humanitarian organization, told EFE.

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