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Kamala Harris’s Silent on Andrew Cuomo Sexual Harassment Allegations

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Vice President Kamala Harris, who has been called a “symbol of feminism,” has decided to remain silent in the face of the sexual harassment scandal involving New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Although Harris’ public speech has focused on highlighting the role of women in the “fight to defend their rights,” the Vice President herself has not mentioned the accusations against the Democratic governor.

Harris’s muted position is not the same as when she supported the sexual harassment allegations against now President Biden, stating, in reference to the women accusing the Democratic leader: “I believe them and I respect them for their courage.”

Kamala Harris - El American
Vice President Kamala Harris, who has shown toughness in the face of other sexual harassment allegations, has overlooked allegations against Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Now, in the wake of three harassment allegations against Cuomo, Kamala Harris remains silent despite holding the second-highest office in the country.

The Vice President also came down hard on Brett Kavanaugh at his Supreme Court nomination hearing and called for impeachment. Kavanaugh received allegations of physical and sexual assault and Harris supported the women who claimed to be his victims.

Instead, on this occasion, Harris has made no mention of the accusations against the governor of New York, who not only admitted to knowingly concealing the actual numbers of elderly people who have died in nursing homes, but who has also received three accusations of alleged sexual harassment.

Party loyalty

The White House did not respond to requests for comment from Fox News. But host Steve Hilton addressed the Vice President’s silence.

Hilton argued that the Vice President used the “Kavanaugh circus” to promote her own political prospects within the Democratic Party.

“She won’t take a position like she did before because that means disrupting support toward other Democrats, it’s completely disgraceful; but unfortunately, it’s a pattern of hers. I think we should all focus on the Vice President – what is she going to say about this,” the Fox News host said.

Anna Ruch, former aide Lindsey Boylan, and Charlotte Bennett, who was an executive assistant and health policy adviser in the Cuomo administration; accuse the governor of orchestrating a “pervasive” culture of “sexual harassment and intimidation.”

Following the scandalous allegations, several lawmakers, both Democrats and Republicans have demanded that the Governor resign from office.

The Governor has denied all allegations, but apologized and said he was “misunderstood” for being “playful.”

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