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Kamala Harris: The Extreme Left in the US Vice Presidency?

Kamala Harris could not only become the first female Vice President of the United States, but her leftist policies could change the direction of the country

Despite the fact that legal disputes continue in the United States, the media decided to declare Joe Biden president-elect; a situation that, if confirmed, would leave Kamala Harris as Vice President, she being the most radical among the American extreme left.

Not only could Harris become the first female Vice President of the United States, but her record as a senator makes it clear that her leftist policies could change the direction of the country and lean toward socialism.

The role of the Vice President is described by some as merely symbolic, while others stress the importance of holding such a position. The truth is that this position is subordinated, above all, to the decisions of the country’s president.

The U.S. Vice Presidency has two fundamental tasks: to assume the Presidency in the event that the president resigns-whether he is removed from office or dies-and to preside over the Senate. Therefore, Kamala Harris could occupy the oval office of the White House if Biden (77) were to leave office.

Harris, if she finally takes office, will lead the Senate sessions and only vote decisively when ties are generated.

One of the most important tasks of this position is to serve as a spokesperson for the administration to inform substantive policy decisions made by the president’s cabinet. And, of course, Harris would be Biden’s top advisor, to whom she would provide assistance; thus she could influence decisions.

Harris is an attorney, elected as California’s attorney general in 2010 and re-elected in 2014. As a senator, she has advocated health care reform, federal legalization of cannabis, assault weapons prohibition, and progressive tax reform.

During the campaign, the Vice President candidate decided to promote socialism without regard for the damage this ideology is causing in other countries through false equality.

The candidate posted a video on her Twitter account that basically talks about “equality” and “equal treatment.

“Equality suggests ‘Oh, everyone should get the same amount. The problem with that is that not everyone starts from the same place. So, if we all get the same amount, but you started back there and I started here, we could get the same amount, but you’ll be so far behind me” is heard in the narrative.

An objective analysis of Harris’ Senate record reveals that he is one of the most left-leaning politicians in America. According to the website GovTrack.us, Harris is the most leftist of all senators, along with self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders.

Kamala Harris’ welfarism

Among the populist regulations most similar to those presented by Chavismo in its early days, Harris presented a bill that sought to give most Americans checks for $2,000 a month, regardless of the needs or circumstances related to COVID-19.

Likewise, an article published by Brad Polumbo in FEE talks about the “Universal Basic Income” that would force taxpayers to finance a minimum income of approximately USD 24,000 for tens of millions of people.

During the Democratic presidential primaries, Kamala Harris supported “Medicare for All,” which is basically socialist health care. She also openly supported the abolition of all private health insurance.

In July 2019, the Wall Street Journal published an article recalling that Kamala Harris would push for the “transition of the United States to a government-run health care system” related to “Medicare for All.

Like socialism in Venezuela, Harris wants the federal government to take control of Americans’ health care and advocates the transition to a largely socialist system.

According to the surveillance website GovTrack.us, Kamala Harris is the most left-leaning senator of all senators (Twitter)
The backing of the American left Trojan horse

The candidate was an early co-sponsor of the Green New Deal resolution in the Senate, from Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) in the House of Representatives. During her presidential campaign, the California Democrat loudly supported a version of the AOC’s far-left climate plan.

In the Senate, Harris supported Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal” resolution, an initiative that would cost up to $600,000 per household in the U.S., and which has “dangerous” radical objectives that go beyond environmental policies.

Jarrett Stepman wrote for the Daily Signal that the Green New Deal is the Trojan Horse of socialism in the United States:

“The Green New Deal not only includes environmentalist proposals: it also includes a grab bag of other leftist treats to “mitigate deep-rooted racial, regional, and gender inequalities in income and wealth (including, without limitation, ensuring that federal and other investment is distributed equitably among historically impoverished, low-income, deindustrialized, or other marginalized communities in ways that generate wealth and ownership at the community level).

Stepman points out that to meet the objectives of the “environmental proposal” it would be necessary to massively raise taxes, borrow and print money. “Then I would use public banks run by irresponsible bureaucrats to do everything.

Kamala Harris has repeatedly supported strict “rent control” laws that impose government price controls on housing; another measure that resembles those taken by Chavismo in Venezuela.

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