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Kamala Harris To Skip Southern Border In Trip to Mexico and Guatemala Amid Crisis

Harris has rejected claims that she is in charge of the current border crisis, deferring the press to DHS.

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Vice President Kamala Harris, appointed by Joe Biden to address the immigration crisis, will travel to Mexico and Guatemala but has no plans to travel to the states affected by the massive arrival of migrants.

Harris pointed out that the person who is on the border attending to the situation is DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas: “he has been working very hard on it and is showing some progress,” said the vice president.

Kamala Harris said her job will be to “deal with the root causes” of the crisis in the Northern Triangle, just as Biden did in the Obama administration. She added that she will travel first to Mexico and then to Guatemala “as soon as possible”.

These are Harris’ first public statements after 20 days without responding on the border crisis.

The pressure on Kamala Harris began to increase to the point that on Monday, April 12, Republican Nikki Haley published a humorous image in which she questioned where the vice president is, in the same style of the game Where’s Waldo? The reproach arises because even though she is in charge of the border crisis, she has not traveled to see the situation firsthand. The answer is given in the same image: “Everywhere but the border.”

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Biden’s reversal of Donald Trump’s immigration policies caused a flood of illegal migrants at the U.S. border; the crisis is such that he was forced to appoint VP Kamala Harris to address the situation at the border.

Late last month, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador blamed Biden for the crisis, arguing that the “expectations” he created left migrants with the perception that they would be allowed into the United States.

The agreements with Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala

This Monday, April 12, the White House announced border agreements with Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala.

According to the announcement by Press Secretary Jen Psaki, the countries will intensify military presence on their borders to stop migration to the United States.

According to Psaki, Mexico will maintain a presence of 10,000 troops along its southern border. Guatemala will send 1,500 military and police troops to its border with Honduras and the latter “increased to 7,000 police and military to disperse a large contingent of migrants.”

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