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AZ Gov. Doucy Calls Kamala Harris The ‘Worst Possible Choice’ To Handle Border Crisis

“If President Biden’s intent was to show that he’s taking this issue seriously he’s really done the exact opposite here,” said the Republican governor.

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Just hours after VP Kamala Harris laughed off the possibility of traveling to the border to get a firsthand look at the immigration crisis, President Biden decided to appoint her to lead the government’s efforts to deal with the increased arrival of migrants to the United States.

The announcement was not received in the best way, especially by border authorities. The Republican governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, criticized the appointment of Kamala Harris, considering that the VP has not “given any indication that she considers the border a problem or a serious threat.”

“If President Biden’s intent was to show that he’s taking this issue seriously he’s really done the exact opposite.”

Governor Doug Ducey.
Kamala Harris - El American
Kamala Harris will lead the government’s efforts regarding the arrival of migrants at the U.S. border.. (EFE)

Republicans criticize the White House and Kamala Harris for their actions to address the problem at the border, as Biden decided to reverse most of former President Trump’s immigration policies, but in the face of the immigration crisis they were forced to reinstate some of them.

During a visit to the border, Ducey blamed the president for the increase in migrants and asserted that Biden is “totally divorced from the reality on the ground.”

“I’ve been governor under three presidents, and this is by far the worst situation we’ve ever seen,” the governor said.

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In the past few days, Texas Governor Greg Abbott had already stated that the Biden-Harris administration is not only “inviting more illegal immigration,” but is also empowering drug traffickers.

Faced with the crisis he faces, Biden has already announced that he will take up another Trump immigration policy. It is the one that at the time was criticized by Democrats for allegedly “endangering migrants”. Although the president was not entirely clear, he was referring to the “Remain in Mexico” policy.

The media has limited access to the border

Despite the Kamala Harris’s assurances that there is no immigration crisis, it limited the media’s access to the centers of attention at the border.

This Wednesday, March 24, the administration allowed only a small television crew access to a center in Texas for the first time. The decision was made after a series of photographs were leaked showing the “terrible conditions” in which thousands of migrant minors are being held.

The photographs showed children and adolescents separated by gender and sitting or lying on the floor inside compartments segmented with clear plastic.

The Biden administration had to react and on Tuesday released two videos: one from the Donna center and one from El Paso.

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