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The Kamala Harris Exodus: Deputy Chief of Staff Resigns

At least eleven members of Vice President Kamala Harris’ staff have left their positions in the White House since June 2021

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The deputy chief of staff of Kamala Harris’ office, Michael Fuchs, joins the growing list of the vice president’s employees who will resign and leave their position in the White House at the beginning of May “to ensure a smooth transition.”

According to an exclusive report by Reuters, Fuchs’ departure was learned through a memo distributed internally to the rest of the vice-presidential staff to which the media had access.

“Fifteen months later, it’s almost difficult to recall the magnitude of the challenges we faced when we came in, from an unprecedented pandemic to historically difficult economic circumstances,” Fuchs wrote in the memo, saying it had been “an honor” to work for the Biden-Harris administration.

Exodus in Kamala Harris’s Office

The New York Post (Post) was able to confirm Fuchs’ departure with inside sources at the White House. “The Vice President is grateful for Michael’s tireless work, leadership, and the many miles he traveled domestically and internationally as we lifted up families and strengthened relationships with allies abroad,” Harris Communications Director Jamal Simmons told the Post. “Our entire team will miss Michael as he begins this next chapter.”

Fuchs previously served as a foreign policy adviser to former President Bill Clinton and held senior State Department positions under former President Barack Obama’s administration.

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For more than a year, Fuchs advised Kamala Harris on domestic and international affairs, helped manage staff and often accompanied her on foreign trips.

At least ten members of Kamala Harris’ staff have left their posts since June 2021: Digital Marketing Strategist Rajun Kaur, Director of Advance Karly Satkowiak, Deputy Director of Advance Gabrielle DeFranceschi, Communications Director Ashley Etienne, National Press Secretary Symone Sanders, Director of Press Operations Peter Velz, Deputy Director of Public Engagement Vincent Evans, Director of Speechwriting Kate Childs Graham, Deputy Press Secretary Sabrina Singh and National Security Advisor Nancy McEldowney.

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