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Kari Lake celebrated Georgia judge’s order for a new election

After a ruling in Georgia ordering a new election due to “systemic irregularities,” former gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is calling attention to the decision just days after her own effort to overturn the result of her race in Arizona or hold a new election in Maricopa County was rejected.

A judge ordered a new election in Screven County, Georgia, after four candidates filed a lawsuit alleging the county provided incorrect ballots to at least two dozen voters in an election decided by just seven votes.

“Several voters, it was later found, had been assigned ballots to districts they did not live in, meaning voters of a certain district were effectively disenfranchised from the vote in their home districts—an argument Lake made after up to 1,000 Arizona voters were provided with incorrect ballots in early voting in the fall.” Newsweek Reported.

On Wednesday, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson rejected a request from Arizona Democrat Gov.-elect Katie Hobbs seeking sanctions against Lake. However, he did award her $33,000 to cover costs incurred while retaining expert witnesses during a two-day trial brought on by Lake, who challenged the results of November’s gubernatorial election.