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Kari Lake Delivers Good News for Republicans Who are Closely Watching Arizona Race

Arizona Republican Kari Lake has good news for those who are closely watching the governor’s race and expecting new votes to come in for the America First candidate.

Lake delivered the news on the ‘Louder with Crowder’ podcast with Steven Crowder. Watch:

“The truth of the matter is, and I just got these numbers, there are 384,000,” Lake said. “That’s a lot of votes. 384,000 votes that are mail in ballots. So these people received them a month ago, but they didn’t trust probably most of them dropping ’em off at a Dropbox or in the US Postal Service. So they filled them out, they went into the voting center on election day, and handed them in. They felt that was the safest way to ensure that their ballot truly got to where it needed to go. Right.”

“And those ones haven’t been counted,” she added. “Those are most likely going to go two to one, maybe even three to one or greater in my direction, in the Republicans’ direction.”

“And I hate to step on you, but it’s just because sometimes we’re too close to the forest to see the trees,” Crowder added. “Here you’re saying these are ballots that were sent out. These are early ballots, but people, this is key, didn’t trust just sending them back in. So they dropped them off on election day. So they’re technically early votes, but dropped off that day. And that would be obviously most comparable to the numbers. Like we said, the drop of 55,000 votes in Maricopa County, of which 70.6% went to you, another 137,000 vote drop similar to this, 76% went to you. Right? These are the kinds of votes that we’re talking about, the number you just gave us. How many remain to be counted?”

“More than 384,000,” Lake said. “We believe that on the low end we would get 60% on the high end, more than 80% of those votes.”

“Over 384K Mail-In ballots dropped off on Election Day!” Kari Lake War Room tweeted. “These ballots are overwhelmingly in support of @KariLake & not a single one of them has been counted yet. This race is over for @katiehobbs.”

Katie Hobbs still leads Kari Lake by a count of 953,783 votes to 940,716 votes, as reported by the New York Times.

On Wednesday night, Maricopa County election day ballots were widely expected to be counted. But instead, Arizona only reported about 62,000 ballots counted, predominately blue county Pima and Maricopa County early voting, which skewed Democrat.

Maricopa County had delayed the release of the Election Day ballot counts until today.

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