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Karine Jean-Pierre, Say Yes to Senator Cruz’s Proposal!

Karine Jean-Pierre

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Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has extended an invitation to Biden’s Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, to spend 60 minutes with him at the southern border. His intention is to show Jean-Pierre that her claims that people are not “just walking across the border” are wrong.

Jean-Pierre, and the Biden administration in general, should accept the Texas Senator’s invitation if they have any respect for Americans. The government must provide accurate information and effectively address national security concerns. None of this is happening when it comes to the border situation, and the least the Administration can do is respond to requests made by Senator Cruz.

This invitation could be the opportunity for Democrats to start working and at last solve the immigration problem. Every time an election approaches, the blue party promises Hispanics, and voters in general, that they will pass immigration reform to solve the issue. However, every time they have the chance to do so, they either sit idle or make ridiculous proposals that evidently will not pass in Congress.

Senator Cruz has visited the border several times in recent months, while President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris—in charge of the immigration crisis—continue to avoid visiting it. Perhaps the Press Secretary can use this opportunity to stick up for the current Administration.

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