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Austria Elects New Chancellor, Conservative Karl Nehammer

El conservador Karl Nehammer es elegido como nuevo canciller de Austria

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Austria’s current Interior Minister, Karl Nehammer, was appointed on Friday by the Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) as the new leader of the party and new federal chancellor, a position that will have to be confirmed by the federal president, Alexander Van der Bellen.

Nehammer was unanimously elected by the party leadership, which met today in an emergency meeting following the unexpected resignation yesterday of former Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz as party leader and parliamentary spokesman.

Also resigning yesterday was the hitherto Chancellor, Alexander Schallenberg, who had assumed that position in mid-October following Kurz’s resignation as head of government amid allegations of corruption.

In his first speech after his appointment, Nehammer assured that his intention is to maintain the line maintained by the ÖVP within the government coalition he leads with the Greens (ecologists) since January 2020.

Among these issues he mentioned maintaining immigration control and advancing in the tax reform designed to reduce the tax burden on those who earn less.

Nehammer said that Schallenberg will return to the post of Foreign Minister, the portfolio he had held until October when he took over the Federal Chancellery.

In addition, there will be changes at the head of the Ministries of Finance, Education and the Interior.

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