Karoline Leavitt, una joven republicana que quiere hacer historia en la Cámara de Representantes

Karoline Leavitt, the Young Republican Running to Make History in the U.S. Congress

The Republican spoke with Anna Paulina Luna, El American’s Chief Correspondent, about her candidacy for New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District

Karoline Leavitt is a young Republican running for the House of Representatives for New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District. At only 24 years of age, she hopes to be the youngest congresswoman, breaking Madison Cawthorn’s (26) (R-NC) record.

Leavitt spoke with Anna Paulina Luna, chief correspondent of El American, about her projects, politics and the challenges she has faced to achieve her candidacy. They also talk about the importance of the Republican Party for young people.

Karoline Leavitt, a young Republican who wants to make history in the House of Representatives.

Leavitt told her story and recalled that she worked with President Donald Trump in the White House, as well as for Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R-NY) on Capitol Hill. New Hampshire is her home district, she grew up there and says she is very excited and honored to be in this race.

“I would also be the first Republican woman in the House of Representatives. In New Hampshire we’ve elected Democratic women to the House and Senate; we’ve elected a Republican woman to the Senate, but a Republican woman has never been elected to the House. So it’s a historic race for many reasons, and we need to engage young people, especially as Republicans. We’re losing with our generation of voters, both generation Z and millennials. We have to start changing our minds or we’re not only going to lose elections, we’re going to lose our country,” Leavitt said.

Karoline Leavitt and politics

She says there are women in politics who want to and are working hard to promote conservative ideas in the country. She understands that it is a path that requires more work, but she is convinced that conservative women are ready to meet these challenges.

“As women we have that drive and we want to work hard. I do it every day: we’re in a different city every night, we’re making fundraising calls all day, 24/7. Being a young candidate is a big advantage because this takes a lot of energy.”

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But taking on an election race so young has also been a challenge. She has no doubt that with hard work and dedication she will succeed in becoming a congresswoman to not only represent the citizens of New Hampshire but all Americans.

“I knew my biggest challenge going into this race was my age and my youth, but we have really turned that into a strength very effectively in the campaign schedule. I have exceptional experience. I feel very blessed to have worked at the highest levels of the federal government, both in the Executive and Legislative branches. I got those positions because I worked very hard.”

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