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Keanu Reeves Boycotted in China for Pro-Tibet Stance

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Actor Keanu Reeves is boycotted in China due to his participation in a benefit concert for Tibet. The reaction from many has been a call for a boycott against the actor after it was revealed that he was on the lineup for the activity scheduled for March 3.

“The annual concert is held around the time of the Tibetan New Year and the Monlam Prayer Festival, which are touchy topics for the Chinese government due to their links to the Tibetan independence movement,” reported by The Strait Times.

According to the media outlet, profits from the concert will be donated to a New York-based non-profit organization called Tibet House US, founded at the request of the Dalai Lama to ensure the survival of Tibetan culture in China.

“Reeves, who seldom courts controversy, had previously appeared in an acclaimed 1993 movie, Little Buddha, which follows a group of Tibetan monks seeking out the rebirth of their Buddhist teacher,” noted The Strait Times.

Chinese regime against Tibet

Just a week ago, Radio Free Asia reported on the destruction of a second Buddhist statue revered by Tibetans in Sichuan province in western China. The situation was part of a campaign that, according to the ethnic minority, targets their religion and traditions.

“Chinese authorities forced monks from local monasteries and Tibetans living in nearby towns to witness the demolition of the statue and were 45 traditional prayer wheels, which began on Dec. 12 and continued for the next nine days,” Radio Free Asia reported.

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