Citadel CEO Kenneth Griffin Buys Original Copy of U.S. Constitution at Record Price

A Griffin spokesperson said he will loan the rare print of the U.S. Constitution to a local museum in Arkansas

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Kenneth Griffin, billionaire and CEO of hedge fund Citadel, won the auction of an original copy of the U.S. Constitution. The acquisition came at a record price of $43.2 million dollars, which means it is the most expensive historical document in history to be acquired at a sale to the highest bidder.

“There is no need to explain that the Constitution is one of the most historic and influential documents ever conceived. This result reflects how relevant it remains 234 years later, not only in the United States, but to global democracy,” Sotheby’s Books and Manuscripts specialist Selby Kiffer said in a statement obtained by EFE.

The Chicago hedge fund billionaire intends to loan the piece to a free art museum in Arkansas, a Citadel spokesman said.

The auction that Kenneth Griffin won

Kenneth Griffin outbid a large group of cryptocurrency investors who had collectively funded more than $40 million.

The agency detailed that the edition of the Constitution is one of only 11 copies — as far as is known — of the first copy of the American Constitution, which was produced for delegates to the Philadelphia Convention.

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The auction took place amid a nearly eight-minute bidding battle between two bidders until the record-breaking figure was reached. “The buyer outbid ConstitutionDAO, a group of more than 17,000 people from around the world who joined together on social media over the past week to raise money to get their hands on the priceless object, the largest crowdfunding initiative ever undertaken.”

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