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Kerry Diotte on Canadian Truckers’ Protests, Origins, and Importance of Standing Up for Freedom

Kerry Diotte on Canadian Truckers' Protests, Origins, and Importance of Standing Up for Freedom

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Canada‘s truck drivers have been in the news for the past two weeks because of their protests over the vaccine mandate imposed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. For many, the drivers’ demonstrations are a fight for freedom. That’s why El American spoke with Kerry Diotte, a Conservative politician and former member of Parliament from Edmonton.

In an interview with Anna Paulina Luna, our chief correspondent, Diotte explained how the protests began in Canada and lamented the way the media is covering the events. He also highlighted the truckers’ demands for the rights of all citizens.

Interview with Kerry Diotte on truckers’ protests in Canada.

“We’re a democracy, we’re a great democracy. And if we don’t defend those rights, we’re going to lose that. Well, I think truckers are so vital, and we cheered them during the pandemic, just as we cheered, nurses and doctors and and frontline workers,” Diotte said.

Kerry Diotte speaks up for freedom

He noted that, around the world, citizens are tired of restrictions and having their freedoms curtailed. He stressed that the truckers’ battle is an inspiration for the entire American continent.

He also explained that the demonstrations will affect the supply chain and this will cause citizens to demand that the situation be resolved. He also recalled that the truck drivers could do their work without the need to present their vaccination records.

Diotte highlighted that more than 90% of truck drivers are vaccinated against Covid-19. “I don’t care if they are vaccinated. I myself have chosen to be vaccinated. I would never ask you or anybody else what their vaccination status is. Your medical history is none of my business.”

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