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Kimberly Klacik: ‘Critical Race Theory Wants Whites to Feel Guilty and Blacks to Feel Victimized’

Kimberly Klacik: «Teoría crítica de la raza quiere que blancos se sientan culpables y los negros víctimas»


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Kimberly Klacik is a young up-and-comer for the Republican Party who in 2020 ran for Congress for Maryland’s 7th Congressional District. Although she didn’t make it, she knows she can still manage to build a Republican electoral win in her district.

Klacik spoke with Anna Paulina Luna, chief correspondent for El American, about her political career and addressed the controversial critical race theory. In that sense, the young GOP star believes that financing this theory would affect society, mainly in schools.

But members of the Democratic Party want taxpayers to finance this theory. It is a movement of academics and civil rights activists in the United States who intend to critically examine the law when it intersects with issues of race.

Kimberly Klacik argued that taxpayers should not pay to cover the push for the theory and explained that the intent of this boom is that there is more division among American society. “With this theory, then you should feel guilty for being white. If you are black you should understand that you were a victim,” she said.

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Klacik is joined by fellow Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who last week said, “It’s offensive to the taxpayer that they would be asked to fund critical race theory.”

She also highlighted that the measure affects society, which could drive children to hate their country and to hate each other. “May they be asked to fund teaching children to hate their country and to hate each other,” she said in a video posted on Twitter.

Kimberly Klacik and her political career

Klacik assured that she is currently preparing to run a campaign that will lead to a GOP electoral triumph. She also indicated that many leaders in the state of Maryland are working to go around the country. And she pointed out that the fact that she decided to run last year contributed to the growth of the Republican Party in her district.