Los mejores memes de la semana: Kyle Rittenhouse culpable (de dejar en ridículo a los izquierdistas)

Best Memes of the Week: Rittenhouse, Guilty of Making a Fool of the Fake News Media

The Kyle Rittenhouse trial almost monopolized our meme material this week

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The best memes of the week are nearly monopolized by Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial and subsequent acquittal. The memes highlight the fake news’ intentions with this case and expose the clumsiness of prosecutors.

Those who cry foul over the fact that an American would travel just a few miles and cross a state line to defend a city from a mob are the same ones who don’t seem to care that hundreds of thousands of illegals cross the country’s border on a daily basis.

mejores memes lebron drake
Source: The Scoop
mejores memes jim kyle
mejores memes kyle love
(What I Meme to Say)
mejores memes cod
memes of the week - el american
(The Daily Wire)
mejores memes nintendo
(Silent Memejority)
mejores memes kyle media
mejores memes rohan
(The Babylon Bee)

Some of the other best memes of the week

It’s not just the persecution of Rittenhouse that has served as material for the best memes of the week. The harassment of taxpayers and parents of students has also been the subject of some of the best memes we’ve been able to enjoy.

mejores memes fraud
(The Atlas Society)
mejores memes billonarios
(Being Libertarian)
mejores memes fantasy
(The Atlas Society)
mejores memes shawshank
(We are Libertarians)

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