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Kyrsten Sinema: The Democrat Under Fire for Stopping Biden’s Spending Spree

Moderate Democrat stood in the way of $3.5 trillion Democratic bill

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Kyrsten Sinema (Ariz) is one of the Democratic senators serving as a retaining wall against President Joe Biden’s flagship social and climate change bill. She calls the plan “unsustainable” because $3.5 trillion is at stake.

Last Thursday, September 30, with a deadlock among Democrats, a vote on the $1.2 trillion physical infrastructure plan was postponed, despite bipartisan support. The vote reflects the division between progressives and moderates or centrists.

Sinema and Manchin

Sinema’s position has brought her serious consequences, to the point that activists and radical journalists started a kind of harassment to rebuke her for not agreeing with the president and the majority of the Democratic Party. West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin has also joined her.

Joe Manchin described it as “fiscal insanity” the White House’s multi-billion-dollar allocation for the two infrastructure plans, with almost five trillion dollars in total, and on Thursday he formulated his counteroffer for the social program.

Also, two days before Thursday’s thwarted vote, Sinema organized a fundraiser for her campaign with five lobbyists opposed to Biden’s plan.

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Sinema stood in the way of the Democrats‘ $3.5 trillion bill to expand America‘s social safety net, which, in turn, blocks a bipartisan $1 trillion bill to “improve” the nation’s infrastructure.

Without Manchin and Sinema’s vote in the Senate which is evenly split between Democrats and Republicans (50-50) — but with the possibility of a tie-breaker from Vice President Kamala Harris — Biden’s plan will not go forward.

They have yet to reach an agreement with the White House on an overall price tag they would support.

Sinema has been a critic of her own party on several occasions. In 2018 she said she would vote against Chuck Schumer (D-NY) for Senate Democratic minority leadership. “The Democratic leadership has failed Democrats across the country,” she said.

“I’m not afraid to say what I believe. I believe our party needs to grow and change,” she asserted at the time. Sinema also voted 50.4 % of the time in favor of Donald Trump’s proposals.

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