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Land of the Free?

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I know, you are probably waiting for me to make the comparison between the USA and Venezuela and saying that we are headed there. You would be right, but you would also be missing the bigger picture. You see, we are supposed to be the land of the free. 

Our forefathers made sure that we had a written guide to ensure that we would remain that way for centuries beyond them called the Constitution and put in some “rights” in the Bill of Rights so we could speak our mind without fear of retribution. They did, however, warn us and told us that we had to work at it in order to ensure it.

This is where we have failed them miserably. Not only are we not free to speak our mind, but we are in trouble. I, like many others, was on the bandwagon of wanting to wait until there was an investigation on the vote count before calling the election. However, the trouble is not whether I believe there was or wasn’t fraud, but the fact that I cannot even utter a word about it. I will get shut down, censored, removed, and ridiculed for even having an opinion on the matter. 

This is far worse than anything else going on in our country right now. This is even worse than the impeachment hoax going on in the Senate for Donald J. Trump and not because that in it itself isn’t a travesty, but because silencing people will carry a greater impact in the discussion of ideas in our society for centuries to come.

In a laughable piece by Media Matters, they claim that Conservatives on social media get more visibility and that the only reason that “right-wingers” claim censorship is because they are breaking “the rules.” And in another article from Politico they claimed that they worked with researchers at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue to find out if Conservatives were really being silenced and that “The findings demonstrate how a small number of conservative users routinely outpace their liberal rivals and traditional news outlets in driving the online conversation — amplifying their impact a little more than a week before Election Day. They contradict the prevailing political rhetoric from some Republican lawmakers that conservative voices are censored online — indicating that instead, right-leaning talking points continue to shape the worldviews of millions of U.S. voters.” 

This deserves a “laugh out loud” from those of us that can’t talk about Covid19 and the treatments for it or election fraud on social media or any other place in the media stratosphere. I’m guessing they thought firing Trish Regan from Fox Business or most recently from that same network, Lou Dobbs, was merely deserved.  I can recall all the anchors or pundits who demonized President Trump on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC get fired… oh wait!

Of course, both these articles went up before Donald J. Trump and everyone else was silenced for talking about election fraud. The point being, whether there was election fraud or not, talking about it shouldn’t get you banned. In the case of the CEO of My Pillow, Mike Lindell for giving his personal opinion about the election made stores like Bed Bath & Beyond, Mattress Firm, HEB-the largest grocery store chain in Texas, stop carrying his merchandise.  This behavior on behalf of those stores is not only troubling but ridiculous and I will no longer shop there.

Just a few years ago, there was a debate among conservatives on whether or not Barack Obama was born in Kenya. I have to admit, I was one of the first people to question the validity of his presidency. I couldn’t stand him because his rhetoric reminded me of Hugo Chavez’s slogan “hope and change.” I did come to realize that his birthplace was more than likely Hawaii, but his mother was an American citizen, and like me through my mother, that gave him citizenship status. I bring this up because at the time, we were able to write about it and even though we may have been shadow-banned on Facebook for doing it, we didn’t actually get kicked off the platform.

If this is the land of the free, people should be able to give an opinion about any subject. Short of calling for violence, pornography, or things of that nature —we should be able to express an opinion without fear of being canceled, and in the case of Mike Lindell… his livelihood. In fact, Mike made a documentary called Absolute Proof that the “powers that be” don’t want you to see. How is that even possible? Are we living in China, Russia or Venezuela?

The only remedy I see in a “free society” like ours, is building our own servers, social media, news networks, stores, schools, movies studios and living in a divided America because it’s pretty clear we are not uniting any time soon. Oh, and by the way, most conservatives won’t want to share my article for fear of being put on the cancel list… the irony!

Debbie, Venezuelan, is a writer, singer, director, executive producer, and an advocate for freedom. She writes a weekly op-ed for El American. During the Obama years, Debbie was active in her community and served as president of a local TFRW Club //
Debbie, venezolana, es escritora, cantante, directora, productora ejecutiva y defensora de la libertad. Escribe un artículo de opinión semanal para El American. Durante los años de Obama, Debbie estuvo activa en su comunidad y se desempeñó como presidenta del Club TFRW

3 thoughts on “Land of the Free?”

  1. I’ve been saying what you’re saying for a long time. I don’t know geographically how we would divide the country, but it’s coming. It’s called the great restart and we’re going to do it!

  2. Debbie, you’re right! The FREE people need to start connecting and with our own platforms, etc. There is so much corruption that has come light! The sleeping giant—us the conservative people–has awaken. Thanks for your contribution …God Bless the USA…thank you Jesus.

  3. Let’s get started! Is there a website to catalog things for us to do. Where’d to shop, what social media to use. What search engine?, Etc

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