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Lara Trump Plans to Run for Senate in 2022

Lara Trump

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Lara Trump, daughter-in-law of President Donald Trump, plans to run for the Senate in her home state of North Carolina in 2022, U.S. media reported Thursday. 

The news was published in the New York Times and on the website Politico.

Lara Trump, 38, wife of Eric, the Republican billionaire’s youngest son with his first wife, Ivana, “told those close to him that she planned to run for the Senate in 2022,” the New York Times said, citing three “allies” who remained anonymous. 

Current Republican Senator Richard Burr has announced that he will not be running for reelection. The list of Republican candidates to replace him promises to be long, and Politico says that current Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows, former Governor Pat McGory and outgoing Governor Dan Forest are possible contenders. 

North Carolina is a historically Republican state and voted for Donald Trump on November 3, but by a smaller margin than in 2016. 

It is increasingly seen as a potential key state, that is, one that is susceptible to shifting from one field to another.

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