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Las Movies: Body Snatchers, A Movie that Shows How Communism Infects the Minds of More and More People

Las Movies: Body Snatchers, How Communism Infecta The Minds Of More And More People

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Las Movies continues, as every week, with its host, Ignacio M. García Medina, analyzing the world of culture and entertainment: movies, video games, series, among others. In this fifth installment, Ignacio talks about the movie Body Snatchers. He states that its versions show how the world’s vision of communism has changed.

For Ignacio, the first version (1955) was aimed against communism showing it is an undesirable idea that would come to end the freedom of the world and its conservative ideas. The first version tells how a California town, Santa Maria, is invaded by seeds that arrive from space. They replace people in their sleep, while their human victims turn to dust.

Las Movies: Body Snatchers

By the 1970s version, the existence of this invasion, which for Ignacio demonstrates communist and collectivist ideas, is tolerated to some extent. In the most recent version (2007) the communist ideas are completely defended.

“It is practically the defense of communist and collectivist ideas. The end of the film tells you that whatever you do, the invasion is going to succeed, so why resist? The message of the first version is completely distorted in that anti-communist sense”, Ignacio tells us.

The 2007 version of Body Snatchers

In the 2007 film, starring Nicole Kidman, a gray society is created, but in peace. Our host says that the film leaves the door open for the wrong assumption that communism wasn’t bad.

After regaining her memory, the protagonist reads again the usual headlines in the press: famine and war. So she wonders if it wasn’t better than reality where her freedom was suppressed, but which generated supposed tranquillity.

“If the Body Snatchers saga is an allegory of communism because in the 50s it was seen as something terrible, in the 70s it becomes something not so different from capitalism and in this most recent one it is posed as something desirable that can be implemented.”

Finally, Ignacio has no doubt that this film is a demonstration of how the vision of the Western world has changed. Specifically Hollywood’s view of communism.

“It is an evolution of how the West has seen communism in recent years. Being a horror film, what is scarier is the evolution of how the Hollywood elites see communism and how they want to sell it to the citizens”.

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