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Las Movies: The Last Night, the Videogame Sabotaged by Wokeism

The Last Night, El American


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The Last Night is a video game that promised to revolutionize the gaming world. However, despite the fact that it was supposed to be released in 2018, by 2021 it has not yet been released.

In this week’s Las Movies, Ignacio García Medina analyzes how the game’s creator, Tim Soret, suffered the cultural attack for envisioning the future in case progressivism triumphs.

Las Movies – The Last Night.

“The reason for the delay is that it became a target of progressives, by feminists who attacked the game and that put the funding in trouble. From what little was known it would be an open world with a very rich 3D environment.”

Ignacio explains that one of the great things offered by the video game was its graphics, which, in his opinion, broke with everything known. He also explained that the basis of the game was how society would develop if progressivism gained ground. For Ignacio, it was a prediction fulfilled.

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“It would show the dangers of extreme progressivism. In the background, what it would be affecting is the characters of a society, in a world in which modern feminism would have won. Cancel culture would have won.”

“People would be so bored, tired of having nothing to do and receiving a basic income that the only thing they would do would be to be offended by everything and denounce those who lead a different way of life.”

Attacks on The Last Night

He explains how progressivism attacked Tim Soret on social media for his proposal and how that affected him to the point that he did not have the necessary funding for the game to be released. Currently, the future of Soret’s project remains a mystery. However, Ignacio indicated that no further details have been offered to prevent ideas from being stolen or again sabotaged.

“This proposal brought problems to the video game and put it in the spotlight of these progressives who were attacked or felt alluded to by the video game.”

Finally, Ignacio argues that this case is a demonstration of the cultural battle that the world is going through, in which different people already means that you can be excluded. “We are facing another cultural battlefield in which those who consider themselves tolerant and inclusive, really hide their face of intolerance and exclusion of those who think differently.”